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Salvador Plasencia was born in San Julian, Mexico. He began baking at a young age and eventually opened his first bakery in Cocula, Jalisco. He moved to Tijuana, Mexico, where he opened his second bakery. His family eventually moved to Sacramento, where he started working at La Fiesta as a baker, but was determined to open a bakery of his own. In 1969, his hard work and determination paid off, and La Esperanza Bakery was born. As one of the first Mexican bakeries in Sacramento, La Esperanza grew to become one of Northern California’s most popular Mexican bakeries.


Today, La Esperanza has grown into a tortilleria, carniceria, supermarket and in 1991, the Plasencia family opened their first restaurant, Los Jarritos, just down the street on Broadway. Most of Salvador’s dreams have been accomplished with the help of his children, grandchildren, and the hundreds of employees who have helped serve the Sacramento region.

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